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Driving excellence and improving performance

Health facilities with unique patient populations face a different set of challenges in today’s healthcare ecosystem. Comprehensive Pharmacy Services provides leaders with experts, processes, and resources to leverage for excellence:

  • Behavioral health
  • Long term acute care (LTAC)
  • Rehabilitation hospitals
  • Critical access hospitals
  • Surgery centers
  • Children’s hospitals

Comprehensive Pharmacy Services provides deep skills and resources to provide your organization with visibility to the true state.  We then implement solutions to help you meet the demands of both your facility and patient population.

Transforming behavioral hospital pharmacies for nearly 50 years through skill, expertise, and proprietary technology that improves visibility to the true state of pharmacy operations.

Pharmacy Management Solutions

With best-in-class support for operations, we ensure that your pharmacy is operating at peak efficiency.  We bring our expertise to clinical, operations, purchasing, and inventory management to identify cost-savings opportunities and ensure clinical quality. Our regulatory and compliance support will keep you prepared and worry-free with compliance rates that exceed the national average. We empower your teams through a culture of continuous improvement that supports training and education.  Click here to learn more.

Consulting Solutions

We are experts in delivering clinical value and minimizing risk.  By assessing and implementing processes, we ensure your organization is in continuous compliance with USP <797> sterile compounding and USP <800> hazardous medication handling.  We identify opportunities for operational and clinical process improvement through a 450-point assessment within the pharmacy to identify opportunities for improved patient outcomes and operational excellence.  Our medication safety expertise helps lower risk, reduce medication errors, and advance patient safety. When faced with an unexpected vacancy, our interim hospital pharmacy leadership ensures you maintain operational excellence. Click here to learn more.

Remote Pharmacy Solutions

Our 24/7/365 remote pharmacy services provide coverage that meets regulatory and compliance standards.  Our Remote Order Entry and Verification ensures around-the-clock coverage by full-time pharmacists in a HIPAA-certified remote location.  Using proprietary technology, we flag the wrong dose or wrong drug and provide real-time data, resulting in fewer adverse drug events, readmissions, and emergency room visits.  Our solution helps reduce readmissions by as much as 30 percent, increases HCAHPS scores during Transitions of Care, and delivers post-acute chart review with on-demand clinical pharmacy consultations for patient transfers to post-acute settings.  Click here to learn more.

Specialty & Ambulatory

The current healthcare environment is complex.  SPARx is a partner helping healthcare leaders realize their vision for best-in-class specialty pharmacy, retail pharmacy, and infusion services.  Clients capture new revenue sources while improving care capabilities through improved control and visibility to the patient journey.  Click here to learn more.

Supply Chain

On average, materials management is the second largest expense for healthcare providers.  Our proven, GPO-agnostic solution helps reveal cost savings opportunities and improve performance.  Click here to learn more.

Operational Efficiency

Proprietary technology and tools that improve visibility to operations and enable excellence in performance for taking care of the patients you serve.

Comprehensive Purchasing Alliance

The CPA GPO is a secondary group purchasing organization design to deliver lower costs on pharmaceuticals, supply items, services, and automation by leveraging the scale and group purchasing power of Comprehensive Pharmacy Services.  Click here to learn more.

Find out how CPS can provide value for your specialized hospital to achieve measurable clinical, operational and financial results.

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