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Helping your pharmacy team achieve new levels of performance.

Hospitals face a host of unique challenges in today’s healthcare environment. Reducing the cost of care, improving clinical quality and improving patient satisfaction are essential for independent hospitals to stay viable and deliver excellent care.

At CPS, we take these challenges head on and help our clients drive better results. We’ll help you lower drug costs and produce savings of 5 to 10 percent in the first year alone. In 5 years, we’ve been able to help our clients save 15 percent off the original baseline. That translates into a full 1 percent of margin back to your institution’s bottom line.  We also help transform clinical pharmacy with regional and national subject matter experts and an analytics package that is second to none.

CPS has the tools and expertise to help boost your clinical, operational and financial success, no matter your size.

Our pharmacy experts bring best-in-class support to help your organization excel and yield measurable results. We help you succeed with:

Pharmacy Management Solutions

With best-in-class support for your operations, we ensure that your pharmacy is operating at peak efficiency. We bring our expertise to all areas of your pharmacy enabling your team to significantly reduce drug costs, improve quality and deliver best practice solutions. Our regulatory and compliance support will keep you prepared and worry free with compliance rates that exceed the national average. When your teams need training and education, we’re there with expertise honed from nearly 50 years. CPS’ resources can help your team achieve new levels of performance.

Pharmacy Analytics Solutions

Our analytics platform is clinically focused, activity based and comprehensive with over 350 clinical initiatives. We leverage our leading proprietary peer reviewed cloud-based library of clinical documentation that is aligned by clinical initiative to support your pharmacy leaders as they implement clinical initiatives.  CPS Analytics smoothly integrate with pharmacy work flow enabling rapid improvements with minimal disruption.

Consulting Solutions

We are experts in delivering clinical value and minimizing risk. By assessing and implementing optimal processes, we ensure that your organization is in continual compliance for USP <797> sterile compounding and USP <800> hazardous medication handling. We identify opportunities for operational and clinical process improvement through our assessment of more than 300 different points within the pharmacy operation to drive better patient outcomes and operational excellence.

Our medication safety expertise helps lower risk, reduce medication errors and advance patient safety. When you are faced with unexpected vacancies, we provide interim hospital pharmacy leadership to make sure that your pharmacy does not skip a beat.

Telepharmacy Solutions

Keep your pharmacy operating 24/7 with CPS Telepharmacy teams at your side. Our remote order entry and verification ensures around-the-clock pharmacy coverage by full-time pharmacists in a HIPAA certified telepharmacy solution. Using proprietary technology, we flag the wrong dose or wrong drug and provide real-time data on patients, resulting in fewer adverse drug events, readmissions and emergency room visits. 

We help reduce readmissions by as much as 30 percent, increase HCAHPS scores during transitions of care and deliver post-acute chart review with on-demand clinical pharmacy consultations for patient transfers to post-acute settings. When you need that extra staff support, we can step in as a seamless extension of your pharmacy.

340B Solutions

We are the industry’s leading 340B experts and have been involved with the program since its start in 1992. With independent, HRSA-like audits, we’ll help keep you in continual readiness for the inevitable audit with ongoing compliance support.  We’ll uncover opportunities with custom consulting solutions that optimize 340B savings.

Supply Chain Solutions

We help hospitals identify, implement and manage best-in-class supply chain departments that save money and increase efficiency. Fueled by industry-leading data and technology solutions, our teams can help you reduce inventory, improve patient care, increase clinical staff productivity and dramatically reduce expenses. On average our client hospitals and health systems see an ROI ratio of over 5:1.

Physical Rehabilitation Solutions

Are you getting the most from your physical rehabilitation operation? We have a proven track record of outstanding physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation clinical management services. We provide data-driven results with a robust emphasis on compliance while consistently exceeding your expectations and delivering a favorable return on investment.

Optimize your pharmacy, yield bigger savings and improve patient outcomes today!

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