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Staff Augmentation by CPS Telepharmacy

Your staff has a lot on their plates that makes lowering readmissions, strengthening clinical quality and improving HCAHPS scores challenging. Without the right amount of attention, those critical goals could fall short. We can help free your team up to succeed with a cost-neutral solution called Telepharmacy Staff Augmentation.We’ll perform around the clock routine prescription filling, on-demand, saving you time, money and lowering readmissions, all while allowing your staff pharmacists more time to interact with patients. You can worry less as we are a licensed pharmacy that is HIPAA-certified and composed of only full-time pharmacists that deliver top tier team coverage. And we proudly stand behind a 99.9% accuracy rate over a 12-month period. As with all our offerings, we will customize this solution to ensure you get exactly what you need and nothing more.

Staff Augmentation is ideal for pharmacies with:

  • Pharmacists who perform direct patient care services
  • Staff shortages
  • An unexpected surge in volume

Because our 2,500 and counting industry experts work with more than 700 hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide, we understand the complex inner workings of your system’s operations better than anyone. You’ll get leading best practices from a passionate team that result in a boost in your bottom line and improved patient care.

See what one Director of Pharmacy said about the CPS Staff Augmentation solution:

“We are very happy with your service to date. I was impressed with your follow-up regarding any questions you had during the overnight hours. Your team is going above and beyond to perfect any orders that you were not sure how to handle. The level of professionalism and follow-up is light years ahead of our previous service. I look forward to continuing our service with you.”

— Director of Pharmacy, OK