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Specialty patient management powered by advanced software technology

SPARx specialty pharmacy team has a long history of success in building specialty pharmacies of all sizes.  Our team will build and design your specialty pharmacy, implement operational best practices, and develop relationships to drive revenue, scripts, payor, and pharma access.  Our team of specialty experts know how to drive revenue, lower costs, improve patient outcomes, and manage compliance risks.  

SPARx Specialty Pharmacy Solution consist of:

Assessment and Financial Forecast

The SPARx team will produce a financial pro forma for your health system that will create a clear picture of the specialty pharmacy landscape and opportunities that exist today and in the future.


Leave it to us to help you design your pharmacy from start to finish with infrastructure vendors, Board of Pharmacy licensing, CAD-ready drawings, workflow design, and flexibility to grow into the future.

Pharmacy Management Systems

The SPARx team has a deep understanding of the essential role of pharmacy management systems play to create an end-to-end solution for your patient’s journey and maximize the operational efficiencies of your specialty pharmacy.  We have background and expertise to implement, dispensing systems, specialty pharmacy therapy management systems, integrate with local couriers, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and others, and much more. This allows for a seamless process for operators on-site and positive patient experience to receive their shipped medication on time. 

Clinical Management

The SPARx team of pharmacists and technicians understand the care management space and work on behalf of you and your patients.  Working remotely, our team of experts will provide support of key functions, such as benefits investigation, prior authorization approval, clinical program support via TherigySTM, and obtain financial assistance funds available for eligible patients based on payor type.

Dual Accreditation

Gain accreditation in record time with SPARx as your partner. Our team of experts have experience in hundreds of specialty pharmacy accreditations such as URAC, ACHC, CPPA, and Joint Commission to enable your pharmacy to gain and maintain the necessary quality standards.


Successfully launch your pharmacy with the help of our SPARx marketing team.  The SPARx marketing team leverages an integrated multi-channel marketing approach to support the operations, clinical outcomes, and patient volume growth of your specialty pharmacy. 

Business Intelligence Reports

Your pharmacy’s financial and operational performance will be monitored and maximized using data analytics to track actual performance against the pro forma goals, Specialty Pharmacy KPI, and established pharmacy metrics.

Trade Relations

We are on top of the specialty drug pipeline to help identify drug access opportunities for you to take advantage of as new specialty medications come to market.  With our background and experience in manufacturer contracting, we will help you gain access to those limited distribution drugs to serve your patients’ needs.

Payor Network Access

Our industry experts can help you gain your most prized payor networks. From claims data review to payor contracting and negotiations, the SPARx team have the background and relationships to assist you with overcoming obstacles and gain leverage in the market.

Infusion Solution

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Dual Accreditation Solution

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