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Comprehensive Pharmacy Services has you covered, whether your hospital has a specialty pharmacy in place or not.

For hospitals without a specialty pharmacy, we’ll do all proformas, licensing, and build-out of on-site retail pharmacy and take you through:

  • Education of the specialty drug market and potential value to the hospital
  • Assessment and analysis of hospital opportunity
  • Develop a specialty pharmacy strategy that includes detailed pro-forma statements
  • Design facility(ies) to meet the needs of the opportunity
  • Perform staff hiring, training, and supervise operations
  • Provide and execute roadmap to specialty pharmacy accreditation
  • Procure limited distribution drugs as available
  • Pursue payer network access

For hospitals with an existing specialty pharmacy, we help your team take performance to new levels resulting in enhanced revenue and improved patient and provider satisfaction. The CPS specialty pharmacy team drive excellence by:

  • Assessing existing pharmacy to identify additional opportunities for increasing revenue, improving patient care, and reducing costs
  • Designing and implementing processes that take the operation to ‘best practice’ levels
  • Accessing limited distribution drugs and payer networks
CPS specialty pharmacy services provide unmatched value and the ability to meet the unique needs of each of our health system clients. The proof is in our results, we are adding millions of dollars to our clients bottom lines each year

Jody Miller, CPS Ambulatory and Specialty Pharmacy Division

Why Choose CPS? Because Experience Matters


Guide your team through

  • The specialty drug market
  • The potential value to the hospital


  • Analyze the hospital opportunity
  • Assess payor mix, 340B opportunities, contract pharmacy & more
  • Assist with payor contracting
  • Craft a specialty pharmacy strategy

Step 3: DESIGN

  • Create facility plan
  • Oversee
    • Facility Construction
    • Communications Center
    • IT Infrastructure
    • Patient Telepharmacy

Step 4: Implementation

  • Hire specialty pharmacy team
  • Obtain accreditation
  • Interface with manufacturers regarding limited distribution drugs
  • Train existing staff
  • Ensure compliance

Step 5: GO LIVE

  • Manage and maintain the on-going specialty pharmacy program

With Comprehensive Pharmacy Services on your side, your facility owns the specialty pharmacy, controls the revenue stream, and gains the opportunity for end-to-end clinical patient care.

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