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Keep Patient and Reimbursement inside the Health System

CPS can establish or expand infusion services with Alternate Sites of Care (ASOCs) to ensure that the patient is seen at the most advantageous site of care for the hospital/health system. The hospital retains the patient and maximizes reimbursements.

We’ll develop an effective program that includes these six components that answer a different set of problems related to the patient and the payor:

Icon Ambulatory Infusion Center (AIC)
Icon In-Office Infusion (IOI)
Icon Infusion Therapy Pharmacy (ITP)
Icon Integrated Care Services
Icon Retail
Icon 340B

Medicare patients with treatment deemed medically necessary can be treated in the hospital outpatient department, but the system receives a lower reimbursement. In most cases, a patient must go to an ASOC to receive infusion therapy in order for the hospital to get the payor dollars.

Greater Reimbursement Capture

With the right tools in place, hospitals and health systems can keep patients and their associated reimbursement dollars in the system by channeling patients to the most appropriate and cost-effective site of care. An efficient strategy also makes room for treating additional patients, driving more reimbursements to the hospital or health system’s bottom line.

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