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Obtain specialty pharmacy accreditation that is vital to accessing sought revenue streams.

Specialty pharmacy accreditation allows a pharmacy to differentiate itself from traditional retail pharmacies. Accreditation indicates a pharmacy has the appropriate policies and procedures in place to provide quality patient care while utilizing highly trained, expert personnel to administer a clinical patient management program. Accreditation is often required to gain access to both limited distribution drugs and specialty payer networks. Specialty networks typically require two accreditations. SPARx Accreditation Consulting Services support accreditation bodies such as ACHC, URAC, CPPA, and The Joint Commission.

SPARx Accreditation Solution consists of:

Current Assessment

We work with your pharmacy to perform an in-depth gap analysis and assist your organization in remediation of any deficiencies that are discovered during your assessment.

Project Plan

We generate a detailed project plan for each organization to ensure their pharmacy is prepared to meet accreditation deadlines.

Policies and Procedures

We review your organization’s current policies that may be used to meet accreditation standards. We crosswalk these policies to accreditation standards. For items for which no policy exists, SPARx maintains template policies designed to address multiple accreditations. We work with your staff to customize the templates to ensure they reflect your organization’s procedures.

Patient and Quality Management Programs

 As part of our service, we work with your pharmacy to develop both a Patient Management and Quality Management program. SPARx helps you identify and create tools to collect data needed to provide quality care and meet accreditation standards.

Mock Survey

We perform a mock audit to prepare your organization for an in-person or virtual visit from an accrediting body. Our team tours the pharmacy, reviews relevant documentation, and interviews staff. If deficiencies are identified during the mock survey, our team of accreditation experts will assist in resolving these issues to ensure your entire team feels prepared for a successful visit from an accrediting agency.

Ongoing Accreditation Support

We provide ongoing accreditation support to enable your pharmacy to keep up with the latest accreditation standards and be prepared for reaccreditation.