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Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Ambulatory and Specialty Pharmacy Solutions are here to help.

Drive New Revenue, Improve Patient Care, Control Costs for At-Risk Populations

The specialty drug market is almost 50% of pharmacy spend and in track to hit $400 billion in 2020. Without an effective ambulatory and specialty pharmacy strategy in place, health systems will be negatively impacted by the challenges of specialty medications:

  • High cost of specialty drugs, most over $2,000 per fill but average over $50K annually
  • Less than 2% of patients require specialty drugs but drive almost 50% of Rx costs
  • Complex requirements for administering, adherence, and ongoing patient support
  • Challenging regulatory and payer requirements
  • Access to Limited Distribution Drugs

340B eligible hospitals and health systems are ideal candidates for specialty pharmacy services.


< 2%

of patients require specialty drugs


of RX costs are driven by specialty drugs

Experience the Difference

CPS has the expertise & industry power to help you define a successful ambulatory pharmacy strategy.  Let us help you design a best-in-class ambulatory strategy that includes Retail Pharmacies, Specialty Pharmacy and Infusion Services.  A customized plan that will maximize your pharmacy revenue, deliver higher levels of patient care, and align your resources and sites of care for optimal reimbursement and patient satisfaction.  CPS’ Ambulatory Pharmacy experts can assist you in the following scenarios: 

Without a strong Specialty Pharmacy capability, healthcare organizations are at risk of losing millions in revenue from those medications and related ambulatory care services.

Keith Cook, President of Ambulatory and Specialty Pharmacy, CPS

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