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Are You Getting the Most from Your Rehabilitation Department?

Hospitals face many challenges in realizing the full potential of their rehabilitation departments. While their leaders have the desire to optimize, many lack access to the tools, expertise, and networking power required to support effective strategy building and prudent decision making. Because of this, departments fail to make the most of their clinical and operational capabilities. While their departments may have room to improve, the scale of the obstacles needing overcome to achieve excellence can leave leaders unsure where to start.

CPS Rehabilitation Services provides resource solutions for hospitals to help them meet these challenges while realizing new levels of rehabilitation department performance.

1.3M Interventions
$175M+ Revenue Generated
500k+ Patient Visits

CPS Transforms Your Rehabilitation Department

We improve operational performance and create healthier outcomes through a data-driven, patient-focused approach to rehabilitation management. Our experts provide the resources, skill, and expertise needed to produce successful physical, occupational and speech rehabilitation, and management services for the benefit of hospital staff and their local communities.

Rehabilitation leaders bring extensive oversight experience and the vision and passion needed to realize departmental excellence.
Expertise in crafting tailored strategies and supportive objectives align with the unique needs of both your hospital and patient population.
Proprietary tools and technologies support a data-driven management and patient care approach that improves stakeholder visibility to department performance.
Integrated transition plans ensure CPS resources are introduced to your hospital in a manner that delivers the most benefit.
Enhanced departmental efficiencies leverage best practices and the CPS network to improve care capabilities, profitability, and more.
Reporting and performance metrics measure and manage data while providing actionable insights. Includes revenue/expense benchmarking, KPIs, and predictive analytics.

The CPS Rehabilitation Difference

We produce favorable ROI through outstanding physical, occupational, and speech rehabilitation clinical and management services. You gain access to our leadership, resources, and management expertise to make the most of your rehabilitation department.

Improvements will be witnessed through your enhanced patient care capabilities and effectiveness in contributing to healthier outcomes and a more satisfied local population.

Our vision, tools, and operational support position your hospital to maximize its returns from rehab.
Our team ensures that your policies and procedures cover needs and optimize billing and coding.
Our resources support leadership development, staff training, recruiting, interim leadership, and program development.

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