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Working with you to transform your Hospital Pharmacy

Enhance your clinical value and minimize risk

For nearly 50 years, CPS has delivered unparalleled healthcare consulting solutions paired with powerful analytics and unrivaled industry experts that give you the support needed to drive pharmacy excellence.

Our consulting solutions include:

Operational Assessment, Design and Implementation

We review more than 300 different points within the pharmacy operations to identify opportunities for implementing best practices. We not only provide you with a prioritized list of action items, we help implementing items, and help support your ongoing operations ensure your success.

Clinical Assessments

We leverage nearly 50 years of pharmacy expertise to uncover clinical gaps and areas of risk within your clinical operation. Once identified we help your team close the gaps and improve overall clinical performance.

Compliance Solutions

We help you achieve compliance with a variety or federal, state and local regulatory bodies. We are long standing experts in  340B, USP <797> and USP<800>.  We can help organizations lower risk and improve overall compliance readiness through our independent audit services, assist programs and our continuous readiness programs.

Interim Hospital Pharmacy Leadership

We’re there when you face an unexpected vacancy in Pharmacy Leadership and make sure that your pharmacy doesn’t skip a beat. We have the industry expertise and support team to make the transition seamless and can be on-site in as little as 24 hours in most cases.

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Medication Safety and Drug Diversion

We can assess your operations for opportunities to increase safe medication practices. Our team reviews risks and errors, labeling practices, storage procedures and more to identify the wrong drug, wrong patient or wrong dose. In addition we promote best practices to minimize the risk of drug diversion and can implement a program that enables your organization to achieve best practice status.

CPS partners with pharmacy teams to optimize operations and maximize opportunities while minimizing disruption to daily operations.

By bringing our proprietary analytics platform and industry-leading pharmacy experts to assess and implement optimal processes, we ensure that your organization is continually improving and delivering best practices. You’ll benefit from operational and clinical process improvement that yields better patient outcomes, lower drug costs and improved operational performance.

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