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We Start Working From Day 1

When you partner with CPS, we get started immediately. We will send our team of highly trained individuals to your hospital site to identify areas of opportunity to improve your pharmacy’s operations. Our professionals have a 200 point checklist they go through, looking at all aspects of how your pharmacy is currently operating. This gives our team a good overview to use when creating operational strategy for your pharmacy. Our team will also run very proprietary analytics programs that look at the clinical operations of your facility.

Strategic Initiatives

Identify Opportunities

Based on our findings, we will create a list of strategic initiatives, and we prioritize them based on importance and the impact they will have on your facility.

Collaborative Implementation

We will collaborate with you to come up with a strategy on how to implement these changes and what order to implement them in. Some initiatives may be able to be run simultaneously.

Continuous Improvement

At the end of year one, we will run Rx Trend Analytics, which monitors your analytics over time. This will give us a look at how everything has been flowing that first year, and you will be able to see the impact of the new initiatives we implemented.

After we see how the new initiatives are performing, we will start the entire process over again. We are continually going back, monitoring performance, and constantly refining our changes and recommendations. Our unique analytics platforms allow us to recognize savings opportunities and prioritize clinical initiatives.

5 Key Areas We Focus On

CPS focuses on five key areas to elevate the delivery of pharmacy services, in turn elevating performance.

  • Operations– We ensure the pharmacy is operating at peak efficiency.
  • Clinical– We believe the pharmacist is a key component of the healthcare model and is essential in driving clinical initiatives. 
  • Purchasing– We provide best-in-class support for purchasing and inventory control.
  • Regulatory and Compliance– Our dedicated team stands behind each Director of Pharmacy to ensure superior compliance from all regulatory bodies.
  • Training and Education– Our best-in-class Learning Management System ensures that all pharmacy staff are knowledgeable in the best practices and protocols of pharmacy operations.

What sets CPS apart?

CPS will partner with your organization to transform your pharmacy. Our clinical expertise, operational expertise, and integrated analytics all work together to drive a systematic approach to transforming a hospital’s pharmacy, making it more efficient and optimally sound.

We will work to:

  • Achieve common financial, operational, and clinical goals
  • Align incentives for all pharmacy stakeholders
  • Drive a systemic approach for pharmacy management
  • Enable best practice performance in all areas of pharmacy operations

Expert Teams

Our pharmacy professionals are grouped into teams based on purchasing, clinical, operational, educational, and compliance. Each team goes into the hospital and touches on one specialized area. We spread the load across our organization instead of one person going in and doing it all. This approach to implementation helps with time, efficiency, and the nature of implementing a new system. 

Educational Resources

Pharmacy staff undergoes a specific orientation to CPS platforms, best practice protocols, and process optimization. We offer two learning platforms for ongoing learning and education: Rx Intelnet and Rx Learning Center.

Rx Intelnet consists of customizable content, full of clinical, purchasing, and regulatory resources. Our Rx Learning Center is continuing education for pharmacists, including licensing and language learning offerings. The Learning Center is open to anyone in the organization they are working with. 

Industry Leading Pharmacy Applications

CPS provides its clients with the most powerful and insightful pharmacy analytics platform in the industry. Our applications are purpose-built and have been continually refined by pharmacists over the last 45 years. CPS applications provide a deep level of understanding of how your pharmacy is performing.

Industry Leading Analytics

  • Rx Assess
    • An assessment based on over 300 criteria
    • Leverages pharmacy best practices, Joint Commission Guidelines, etc.
    • Gives insight on performance and savings opportunities
  • Rx Clinical Analytics
    • Gives insight on real-time drug usage
    • Finds opportunities to save money
    • Provides information on new drugs for the doctors who will use them
CPS Client Pharmacy Adjusted Patient Day Spend vs Inflation
  • Rx Purchasing Analytics
    • Measures performance based on industry excellence
    • Provides drug backups when shortages occur
    • Analyzes contracts to ensure guidelines are met opportunities to save money
  • Rx Document Analytics
    • Provides simple and easy automated reporting
    • Collects all drug interventions in one place
    • Improves information accuracy and operational efficiency
  • Rx Mobile Dashboard
    • A visual summary of all analytics and information
    • Customizable
    • Insight at your fingertips

Unparalleled Expert Teams

  • Rx Clinical Solutions
    • Our Solutions Team provides industry experts in a wide variety of functional areas that include, operations, clinical, purchasing, automation, 340B, compliance, specialty pharmacy and ambulatory pharmacies.
  • Rx Education Solutions
    • National team of education resources that manage and deliver best in class education and training for pharmacy professionals.
    • From CME to the latest information on best practices, the training team supports each client with proprietary tools and training.
  • Rx Purchasing Solutions
    • National team of education resources that manage and deliver best in class education and training for pharmacy professionals.
    • The CPS RxPurchasing Solutions team helps our clients buy better and more efficiently through the use of our proprietary technologies and business process.
  • Rx Compliance Solutions
    • Our nationally recognized expert team of compliance and regulatory resources. Versed in Federal and State pharmacy requirements, our experts help our clients navigate the increasingly complex world of compliance.

Largest Pharmacy-Professional Network

Our clients are able to leverage the largest pharmacy-professional network in the industry – over 2,500 pharmacy professionals. We have over 250 specialists and subject matter experts, only a phone call away. If you have any questions or issues, our experts are ready and willing to help.

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