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Quality of Service

“I am most impressed with your pharmacists’ response on the phone calls…I played [one recording] for a physician and our Chief Operating Officer and both of them had very positive feedback for the respectful professional manner of the pharmacist…I just can’t gush enough…It actually brought to light a few things that we are going to do differently here at our facility…CPS Telepharmacy is such a benefit for me in my position.”

Director of Pharmacy, NM

“CPS Telepharmacy has been a valuable asset to my facility. We recently had a very difficult patient, and your team tolerated numerous calls to resolve this patient’s issues. Moreover, your remote order entry pharmacists are quick in processing orders. Candidly, they are faster than my day-shift onsite pharmacists!”

Director of Pharmacy, TN

“I want to thank you all for your responsiveness, and your constant pursuit to make this partnership a success. Please tell your staff I appreciate them, and to continue to ask me questions when things don’t work in the system so I can get them fixed. Our system has its pain points for sure, but we can usually make it function correctly once an issue is discovered.”

Director of Pharmacy, AZ

Operational Structure

“I was very impressed with the operational setup and the level of competency of CPS Telepharmacy’s pharmacists. I spoke with several pharmacists and was amazed at their ability to process orders from various sites. They were able to access all the pertinent information from the site to accurately interpret and process the order in a timely manner. One of the transitions of care pharmacist was exceptional. He walked me through the process, explained the role of Dr. First in the patient med rec/discharge process, outlined the telephone interview/follow up and shared the documentation tools. His enthusiasm and dedication to the safety of the patient are commendable! He loves what he does! I am thankful to have seen this state-of-the-art operation! I have many sites that can benefit from your services.”

Regional Director of Pharmacy, upon seeing our Centralized Remote Pharmacy

Hospitals who moved to CPS Telepharmacy

“It’s been a while since I’ve reached out to you, but I’d like to start this e-mail out by thanking you and your staff for the wonderful service you provide. One of the largest reasons that we wanted to switch our remote pharmacy provider was that we could not expect quality improvement from them. I was genuinely afraid that perhaps this was the rub of remote pharmacy. Almost 9 months later, I’m finding that my fears were unfounded. Your staff has done a great job of handling our post-op order sets after hours, and I spent over a year working with our last provider on getting them done correctly to no avail. Thank you for delivering this higher level of quality that we were looking for!”

Director of Pharmacy, NE

“We are very happy with your service to date. I was impressed with your follow-up regarding any questions you had during the overnight hours. Your team is going above and beyond to perfect any orders that you were not sure how to handle. The level of professionalism and follow-up is light years ahead of our previous service. I look forward to continuing our service with you.”

Director of Pharmacy, OK