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Reduces readmissions while improving patient satisfaction scores and outcomes

The impact of pharmacists in transitions of care drives better outcomes, lower readmissions, and reduces hospital costs. The CPS team has completed over 35,000 chart reviews and have found greater than two discrepancies per patient. 


  • Fewer harmful adverse drug events (ADEs) – average cost to healthcare facilities – $9,700 per episode
  • Lower hospital readmission rates
  • Increased HCAHPS Scores and STAR Ratings

CPS Telepharmacy Transitions of Care delivers:

  • Admission medication reconciliation program where pharmacists speak to patients and/or caregivers to update medications prior to the patient being admitted
  • Discharge medication reconciliation and counseling to ensure patient is on appropriate medications prior to discharge. Review of formulary conversions, drug/drug interactions, and HRRP disease state compliance
  • Post-discharge counseling and follow-up within 48-72 hours after discharge ensuring that patient was able to pick up medications and is not experiencing any clinical issues
  • SNF and rehab chart reviews – working with LTACs to complete pre-admission med chart reviews, assess formulary conversions, and ensure antibiotics and anticoagulants have appropriate stop dates

30% reduction in readmissions when pharmacists are involved in the discharge process

13% increase in HCAHPS scores & STAR ratings when pharmacists provide discharge counseling

40,000+ medication reconciliations completed

“I was very impressed with the operational setup and the level of competency of CPS Telepharmacy’s pharmacists. I spoke with several pharmacists and was amazed at their ability to process orders from various sites. They were able to access all the pertinent information from the site to accurately interpret and process the order in a timely manner. One of the transitions of care pharmacists was exceptional. He walked me through the process, explained the role of the medication history data, outlined the telephone interview/follow-up, and shared the documentation tools. His enthusiasm and dedication to the safety of the patient are commendable! He loves what he does! I am thankful to have seen this state-of-the-art operation! I have many sites that can benefit from your services.”

Regional Director of Pharmacy, upon seeing our centralized remote pharmacy

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