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A flexible, cost-effective way to ensure around-the-clock coverage

Meet your operational goals, improve patient safety, stay HIPAA compliant and ensure quality monitoring, even after hours, with CPS Remote Order Entry &Verification.

The CPS team centralizes the review and approval of medication orders while providing seamless continuity of care. Accurate and efficient medication approvals enable your staff to concentrate on emergent needs.


  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Cost savings

An average operational savings of 45%

Decreased medication errors

Upfront pricing and no hidden costs

Flexible, cost-effective solution that meets the Joint Commission and CMS Standards, HIPAA regulations, and state licensing requirements

“We are very happy with your service to date. I was impressed with your follow-up regarding any questions you had during the overnight hours. Your team is going above and beyond to perfect any orders that you were not sure how to handle. The level of professionalism and follow-up is light years ahead of our previous service. I look forward to continuing our service with you.”

Director of Pharmacy, OK

“It’s been a while since I’ve reached out to you, but I’d like to start this e-mail out by thanking you and your staff for the wonderful service you provide. One of the largest reasons that we wanted to switch our remote pharmacy provider was that we could not expect quality improvement from them. I was genuinely afraid that perhaps this was the rub of remote pharmacy. Almost 9 months later, I’m finding that my fears were unfounded. Your staff has done a great job of handling our post-op order sets after hours, and I spent over a year working with our last provider on getting them done correctly to no avail. Thank you for delivering this higher level of quality that we were looking for!”

Director of Pharmacy, NE

“CPS Telepharmacy has been a valuable asset to my facility. We recently had a very difficult patient, and your team tolerated numerous calls to resolve this patient’s issues. Moreover, your remote order entry pharmacists are quick in processing orders. Candidly, they are faster than my day shift on-site pharmacists!”

Director of Pharmacy, TN

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