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Rehab Director

This position requires a degree in physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy, along with experience working in the respective specialty. The Director is responsible for keeping up to date on licenses that are required by each individual therapist who works in the department. Other duties include developing departmental goals and objectives, ensuring department staff are up to date on and compliant with new laws and regulations, recruiting, training and supervising rehabilitation staff, managing the finances of the department, creating work schedules, preparing and monitoring budgets, ensuring accurate patient records are kept and patient care is documented, and communicating with members of medical staff and other department leaders.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapist (also called OTs) treat a variety of individuals to help develop or regain physical or mental functioning or adjust to disabilities by implementing programs involving manual arts and crafts, practice in functional, prevocational, vocational, and homemaking skills, activities of daily living, and sensorimotor, educational, recreational, and social activities. The OTs scope of practice includes assessing and interpreting evaluations and test results; determining occupational therapy treatment plans in consultation with physicians or by prescription to meet the patient’s goals and needs. In addition, they work with the assistance of and provide supervision to the Occupational Therapy Aides, Technicians, and Assistants.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist (also called PTs) are responsible for the evaluation, planning, and directing of treatment as prescribed by a licensed physician, in an effort to restore function and prevent disability, following injury or disease for patients in the inpatient, outpatient and swing bed (skilled nursing) units. You will participate in operational aspects of the department, maintain performance improvement activities and participate in CQI activities while using a team approach. A Physical Therapist typically holds a Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree and needs to be licensed in the state they are working in.

Speech Therapy

Speech Language Pathologist (also called SLPs) treat a variety of individuals with speech, language cognition and swallowing disorders to assist with functional daily living. A SLPs’ scope of practice includes assessment, treatment, planning, implementation, education, communication and demonstration of techniques that focus on people’s ability to speak more clearly, understand and express thoughts and feelings, as well as eat and swallow safely. Treatment is administered in one to one sessions with patients by setting measureable long term and short term goals, while adhering to rules regarding standards of practice and professional protocol.