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Pharmacy Director

CPS Pharmacy Directors represent our organization to hospital administrators, staff, and patients.

We’ll rely on you to

Oversee all pharmacy operations in accordance with hospital and CPS policies and in compliance with federal and state laws, Actively participate in hospital healthcare initiatives and committees, including the P&T Committee, Establish a collaborative and constructive relationship with all healthcare staff, Create pharmacy workflows and processes that maximize safety and minimize cost, Motivate pharmacy staff to a high standard of achievement.

To be successful as a CPS Pharmacy Director, you must

Demonstrate strong leadership skills, Be patient-focused, Have the ability to work independently, Set priorities, Make critical decisions, Respond constructively to client concerns. CPS Pharmacists help us lead the way toward a productive, safe, and cost-effective pharmacy, while never losing focus on patient safety.



We’ll rely on you

Provide support as needed to hospital staff, fill orders with accuracy, check technician prepared products before release, maintain the security of pharmacy and controlled substances, enter orders and patient information with accuracy, aid in the training of new staff, and update pharmacy leadership about the daily activities of the pharmacy.

What does it take to succeed as a CPS Pharmacist?

The ability to collaborate with physicians and other pharmacy and hospital staff, a commitment to providing high-quality, patient-centered care and respond to client concerns, and the ability to work independently, set priorities, make critical decisions.  CPS Pharmacy Technicians work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist to achieve the quality patient care we strive for.

Pharmacy Technician


We’ll rely on you to

Assist in various pharmacy activities related to preparing, dispensing, and distributing medications, maintain patient records, provide billing support if needed, accurately complete daily assigned activities and tasks, set up, package, and label medication doses, Comply with pharmacy standards, written procedures and guidelines as well as state and federal regulatory requirements.

What does it take to succeed as a CPS Pharmacy Technician?

Good performance with minimal supervision, collaboration and good relationships with pharmacy and hospital staff, a commitment to high quality, patient-centered care, The ability to execute complex instructions with accuracy, Good written and verbal communication skills, and Excellent customer service skills