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Our 340B Solutions team understands the intricacies of the 340B program. For covered entities looking to yield maximum returns from their program, our 340B Program Optimization solution is an excellent option. We bring proprietary tools, expertise, and resources to bear to identify opportunities and compliantly capture the most 340B savings. 

CPS has worked with the 340B Drug Pricing Program since its inception in 1992.  We leave no stone unturned in making sure your program operates at its full potential.

CPS’ 340B team reviews key areas of your covered entity’s 340B program to deliver expert management and support in any setting

Purchasing Opportunities

We review purchasing on all pharmacy accounts to determine whether there is unnecessary WAC or GPO spend, evaluate orphan drug exclusion impact, and biosimilar opportunities.

Referral Capture

We identify eligible prescriptions from referral visits outside of the covered entity that are not being captured by TPA software.

Program Expansion

We assist with 340B program expansion for eligible patients with evaluation of expansion into in-house or off-site clinics and entity-owned retail/specialty pharmacy.

Accumulator Review

We review over and under accumulations to identify where there may be crosswalk errors or errors with product setup, such as BUPP.