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With CPS by your side, you’re always prepared.

When your 340B program is well structured but could benefit from ongoing strategic and operational support, the CPS 340B Continuous Readiness Program may provide a solution.

We ensure that you have a robust program in place so that you can face continuous HRSA scrutiny and not miss critical elements that help you stay compliant. We are a supportive resource in response to staff turnover and needed training. We provide the best of our 340B team expertise and support with ongoing communication to help you succeed every step of the way.

The 340B Continuous Readiness Program positions you to be worry-free and ready for an HRSA audit, whenever it occurs.

Preparation Makes the Difference

To prepare your organization for compliance with HRSA standards, we’ll perform an initial, complete mock HRSA audit and policies and procedures review with your team. We’ll execute a thorough analysis of purchasing processes and provide information that could lead to potential savings. You’ll receive an annual independent mock HRSA audit for the life of your contract to ensure that you are audit-ready at all times.

You’ll receive specialized compliance support from our industry-leading 340B experts, even during HRSA audits. We’ll deliver an action plan that helps you decide who is responsible for which part and in what time frame. We’ll follow up with your team monthly or quarterly and provide the resources you need along the way. Our pharmacy practice specialists will ensure that you have the guidance and corrective action plans you need when you need it.


We are Invested in Your Long-Term Success

We stay ahead of the curve – continually monitoring the latest regulatory guidance and benchmarking 340B performance across the industry. This allows your organization to benefit from our growing body of knowledge through contemporary support and updated guidance as requirements and regulations change.

Learn more about how CPS’ 340B solutions can help your organization achieve a state of continuous readiness.

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