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Audits are going to happen. Are you ready?

According to the HRSA OPAIS website: “All 340B covered entities are required to maintain auditable records and are recommended to conduct annual audits of contract pharmacies that are performed by an independent outside auditor as a way to fulfill their ongoing obligation of compliance.”

Depending on your 340B registration, requirements may include annual independent outside audits too. The CPS 340B Solutions team can do all of that for you.

Our team of pharmacists and analysts will perform an extensive independent review of all 340B elements to ensure compliance while uncovering savings opportunities.

Our team of 340B experts will work diligently with your covered entity to extensively review all elements of the program:

  • Evaluate compliance and integrity
  • Optimize 340B savings
  • Conduct mock HRSA audits
  • Recommend best practices

In addition, we manage other functions of importance to an HRSA review. These include, but are not limited to, review and assessment of policies, procedures, and contracts as well as activities of the 340B Oversight Committee and review purchases and program setup to uncover savings.

Unmatched 340B Expertise

Our expert 340B team has been involved with the 340B Drug Pricing Program since the launch in 1992. We’ve worked in covered entities and are experienced with all types of 340B programs, including large health systems, DSH, CAH, FQHCs, Ryan White, and Hemophilia programs.

We know the HRSA standards inside and out. Our 340B team members are graduates of 340B University with some serving as faculty. We have also been represented on the Board of Directors of 340B Health. We’re a corporate partner with 340B Health. All of our consultants and analysts have either completed or are in the process of completing, the ACE 340B certification program.

We also contract with a nationally recognized healthcare attorney to vet our procedures and materials used in our auditing processes.

With CPS as your partner, you can tap into our 340B expertise and support anytime you need it.

Let us share more with you how CPS’ 340B solutions can help you be 340B audit-ready.

Let us share more with you how CPS’ 340B solutions can help you be 340B audit ready.

Let us share more with you how CPS’ 340B solutions can help you be 340B audit ready.

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