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Optimize your 340B savings

Now that your 340B program is in place, are you confident that it is set up to yield optimal results? Many times, 340B Covered Entities don’t have the resources to fix the problem or even identify it in the first place.

Instead of facing manufacturer repayment or unfavorable HRSA audit findings, allow CPS to support you both on-site and remotely, depending on your facilities’ policies. We’ll do this by giving your staff high intensity training, identifying risks, prioritizing tasks and more, all meeting HRSA standards.

When it comes to 340B, worry-free with CPS by your side is the way to go.

CPS 340B Audit Services:

CPS knows every angle of the 340B program. We’ll identify where you need to go and prioritize tasks for recommended improvements. To ensure that you are on the path to success, our 340B team of experts will perform a comprehensive mock HRSA audit. We’ll then develop an internal audit plan that covers program operations, third-party administrator management and accumulator optimization assistance.

We’ll provide support for program expansion from covered entity owned retail services to contract pharmacy services. Our team also performs regular internal audits to help you maintain a constant state of readiness and compliance with requirements of The Public Health Service Act.

When it comes to your staff, we can help with education and training on 340B best practices so your team can take over and perform internal auditing in-house. We’ll also help with purchase and program setup reviews to uncover additional 340B savings that you may have missed. And we’ll deliver a quarterly report so you can always know how your organization is progressing.

Find out more about how CPS’ 340B solutions can ensure that you’re set up for success.

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