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Pharmacies reduce pain.
So do we.

Pharmacy is a complicated operation with high stakes and
ever-evolving regulatory pressures. Entrusting CPS with your pharmacy's needs provides 4 key advantages:

  1. Our experience delivers your success.

    With more than 40 years of experience, we know the pharmacy business. It's all we do. We have the right expertise, tools and people to get results. In fact, our pharmacy management clients enjoy an average pharmaceutical cost reduction in their facilities of 5%-10%.

    We also stay one step ahead of healthcare reform. A new emphasis on quality healthcare and medication therapy is a key component to your pharmacy's success. CPS will help your pharmacy learn the ins and outs of healthcare reform and the steps you can take to make sure your pharmacy is compliant.

  2. Our broad range of services fulfills your needs—however large or small.

    Whether you're looking for all-inclusive hospital pharmacy management, remote order entry or expert consultation about a specific issue, CPS offers solutions for you. Recruiting a Director of Pharmacy, 340B implementation and preparing for regulatory audits are among the common pharmacy challenges we solve.

  3. Our patient-centric focus protects quality.

    Pharmacy operations likely represent one of your highest risk/liability exposures. CPS expertise and resources minimize that risk. Our commitment to pharmacy management excellence is reflected in the fact that CPS facilities maintain above-average scores in regulatory compliance.

  4. Our Focus on Pharmacy maximizes your bottom line.

    We are the nation’s leading pharmacy services provider, which means that we make recommendations with your pharmacy’s best interest in mind. At CPS, we are focused on pharmacy and providing the best possible patient safety while controlling costs.